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Cloud-Based DISC System

Profile’s assessment technology can be adopted by anyone. The best part? It can be taken in 8 to 20 minutes on any computer or mobile device and, within seconds, you get a beautiful 20 page report that’s easy to understand and easy to distribute.


Clear Results

While many profiling reports can be filled with murky language, our reports deliver your results in a manner that’s easy to understand, and easy to explain to others.


Built For Teams

Our system was designed to benefit groups at large to better understand our leaders, coaches and teammates. Our assessment tools are designed to assist your team to be the best it can be.



Our assessments are leading by example with independent validation meeting APA, EEOC, AREA, and NCME standards.


Email & SMS Invites

No need to have your people stuffed into a room to spend an hour scratching away at paper. Our assessments can be texted/emailed to a phone or computer in seconds.


Mobile Advantages

Deliver, take and access our assessments anywhere, at any time on any mobile device. No wifi needed.


Behavioral Snapshot

While we pride ourselves on our software’s in-depth report, our system also offers a comprehensive snapshot for quick and easy reference.

Simple Results. No Fluff.

Clear assessment results reported directly on any device without pages and pages of "fluff". Make quicker decisions with Profile's streamlined reports.


Dynamic Charts

The charts and graphs included with your report aren’t just there for show; they include the raw numbers and data to help you better understand your results.


Search, Filter, Sort

Assessing a large group and worried about finding certain reports? Our system has an easy to use search, filter, and sorting system so no one gets lost in the slush.

Team Comparison

Wondering about the personality composition of your team? Our system includes easy to use team comparison tools that paint an informative picture about how your group can best succeed.


Compare DISC Styles

How similar is your team in personality styles? Easily view both their natural and adaptive scores side-by-side to make informed decisions about your teams.


View Behavioral Tendencies

Easily see the variety of behavioral tendencies within your team.

Integrate Profile with Your Existing Technology

Every account comes with a modern self-service API. Technical teams rejoice!

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    If you’re not sure on how to begin the process, our virtual account tour will guide you through making an account, creating jobs, sending invites, and accessing reports.

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    Instant Reporting

    As easy as we’ve made it to administer the assessment, we’ve made it even easier to get results. You can access reports immediately after your assessee has completed their assessment.

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Top Rated Assessment Provider

Our assessments are independantly validated and regarded as the most trusted source for behavioral analysis.

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Simple pay-as-you-go pricing for all of your assessment needs.

DISC Assessment

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Core Assessment

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The Profile assessment is most powerful when you combine DISC, Drive & Core into a single bundled assessment.
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